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Leak Detection Services in Port St. Lucie

Most property owners are aware of a leak only after the water company alerts them that their meter runs continuously. During that time, the damage the leak causes might have progressed to an advanced stage. Immediate leak detection and repair are crucial to stop the damage.

If you’re in such a situation and need leak detection services in Port St. Lucie, you can reach out to Joe Hillman Plumbers to access our vast experience and skills in water leak detection at an affordable cost. Our team uses modern and advanced methods and processes to detect, fix, and repair the plumbing problem the right way.

You can call us today to learn more about how our residential plumbing experts in Port St. Lucie can help.

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The Reasons Your Plumbing Is Leaking

Plumbing leaks can happen for many reasons, whether they occur on a residential or commercial property. Some of the main reasons include:

Poor Installation

Poor plumbing work that’s done during the installation of the water pipes can lead to future leaks. If pipes are installed incorrectly or inadequately aligned, the continuous stress will result in broken solder connections. Also, if interior plumbing has been soldered incorrectly, as the weak solder erodes, the fitting will develop pinhole leaks.

Deteriorating Components

The older the water pipes get, the more likely they’ll leak. The water piping systems installed before 1980 were made of cast iron, which tends to become brittle, making it hard to contract and expand with temperature changes. When the temperature changes, the pipes are likely to crack.

The newer piping system is made of ductile iron or plastic, and softer plumbing materials are susceptible to wear and tear, leading to leaks.

Sudden Pressure Changes

Water pipes, particularly water mains, can rupture due to sudden changes in pressure. An example is “water hammer,” which happens when fire hydrants are opened and closed quickly. The extreme pressure difference typically affects several buildings’ main water supply.

Physical Impact Damage

Digging can cause water pipe damage. The damage is because of the use of heavy machinery. Also, a simple gardening shovel can damage water pipes. Sometimes, an exposed plumbing system in an unfinished building can be damaged by impact, leading to leaks.


During the winter season, water freezes and, as a result, expands and pushes outward on the piping system, causing damage. Freezing often affects the exterior pipes because they are exposed to extreme weather.

Signs You Might Need a Leak Detection Expert

Most water leaks are hard to detect since they are hidden. Here are some indicators that you may need a plumbing company’s services to fix a leak:

  • You get an outrageously high water bill for no apparent reason.
  • You hear flowing water when all the outlets are closed.
  • Cracks appear on the walls and foundation.
  • Unpleasant smells, like musty, moldy, and mildewed odors.
  • You notice your ceiling or floor covering starting to discolor or stain.
  • You may see the soil around your house has shifted.

Leak detection services in Port St. Lucie

The Leak Detection Process

During the leak detection process, our technicians at Joe Hillman Plumbers locate the leak by examining the general plumbing layout. Our experts can narrow down the location of the leakage using a camera. Sometimes the leak can be easily found if the walls or ceilings are wet. However, sometimes those indicators can fail if the leak has migrated through the pipes from another building or floor.

In homes where water piping systems and sewer lines run through several buildings, locating a leak can be challenging. Our plumbing experts use modern diagnostic equipment to narrow down the exact location of the leak.

Our technicians use pressure testing to determine if the water pressure in your home is balanced. Applying this information will help determine if the water leak is happening on the system’s hot water or cold side.

Sensors and moisture probes are placed in the water piping system at different locations to show unexplained moisture areas or where water accumulates. Fiber optic borescope, infrared camera, or thermal laser may locate leaks in awkward or obscure positions.

The Leak Repair Process

After our plumbing experts identify the leak’s location in your home, they’ll determine the cost of labor and materials needed to repair or replace the water piping system. We shall then give you an estimate of the total cost.

Whether it’s extensive re-piping or a minor leak repair, our technicians will restore your water piping system to full functionality. No job is considered complete at our plumbing company until our clients are 100% satisfied.

Why Choose Us for Leak Detection Services in Port St. Lucie?

Our plumbing company is fully insured against injuries and damages and licensed in Florida. Upon your request, we can provide an insurance certificate showing the amount and type of insurance. This insurance will cover any damages experienced due to our plumber’s work.

As a plumbing company with many years in the business, we have experience and diversity in our team’s skills. It’s not advisable to allow an inexperienced technician to work on your sensitive and expensive plumbing system. You could benefit from having a plumber with diverse skills who can handle all plumbing problems without creating new ones.

Our plumbing company has excellent customer service, and we’re also easily accessible. As respectable plumbers, we always try to have a good relationship with our clients. It’s always easy to call a friendly and professional plumber who is glad to listen and offer solutions to your plumbing issues.

We’re also available 24/7 because most plumbing repairs need immediate attention. If ignored, they can severely damage your home.

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