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Condo Plumbing in Port St. Lucie

Most homeowners, including those living in condos, rarely think about their plumbing systems until there is a significant issue. Unlike in stand-alone homes, plumbing issues in a condo can be complicated because one resident’s plumbing issue will likely affect other building units, too. While it might not be necessary to learn how to repair these plumbing issues, you must know the basics of condo plumbing systems to prevent them from happening in the future.

At Joe Hillman Plumbers, we have the expertise needed to fix any issue with condo plumbing in Port St. Lucie. You can call our commercial plumbers and schedule a service repair at any time.

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How Does Condo Plumbing in Port St. Lucie Work?

All condos in Port St. Lucie come with potable water and drainpipes. The potable water pipes are usually pressurized. They carry clean water from the municipal’s water system to the water-using appliances inside the condos, such as showers, toilets, sinks, dishwashers, bathtubs, and washers.

On the other hand, the drainage water system channels the wastewater from your water-using appliances into the sewer line and the city’s sewage treatment plant. It’s worth noting that the potable water and drainage water systems are separate since the clean water should never come into contact with sewage.

As a result, all condos in Port St. Lucie are required to install backflow valves to prevent potable water and wastewater from ever mixing. This ensures that everyone living in the condos has access to clean water, free from chemicals and pollutants.

Various Types of Plumbing Pipes in Condo Plumbing Systems

Inside a condo, you’ll find different plumbing types. The most common ones used include:

  • Potable water pipes: These pipes carry clean, drinkable water to faucets, sinks, bathtubs, and other water-using appliances. They’re usually made from PVC, PEX, copper, or CPVC.
  • Drain lines: These connect to your water-using appliances, such as bathtubs, showers, sinks, and dishwashers. They’re responsible for channeling wastewater from these appliances into the city’s sewage treatment plant. Note that these pipes carry dirty water but not human waste.
  • Gravity tanks: Large tanks are usually placed at the top of tall buildings to keep potable water pressurized and avoid any low-pressure situations.
  • Vent stacks: These pipes do not carry any water but are used to balance your condo’s plumbing systems and prevent clogs.
  • Waste stacks: These pipes, which are usually connected to toilets, bidets, and urinals, funnel sewage into the city’s sewage treatment plant. Waste stacks are also connected to showers and bathtubs.
  • Sewer pipes: Sewer pipes connect the drain and waste stacks to the city’s sewage treatment plant. You’ll mostly find these pipes outside and underground.

Why Condo Plumbing Systems Are More Complex

Some people consider the condo lifestyle much better than owning a stand-alone home. However, if you prefer condo living, you may want to prepare for some challenges regarding plumbing system repairs. All condo plumbing systems are usually categorized into tenant and public-owned.

All the pipes located inside or around the unit are the tenant’s responsibility. On the other hand, all the pipes located in the public areas of the building are the owner’s responsibility. However, the situation gets a bit more complicated when multiple units share a section of the plumbing system.

Fortunately, most condos in Port St. Lucie have detailed descriptions of the plumbing systems and who’s responsible for which pipes. For instance, if you’re experiencing low pressure inside your shower, then you can contact professional condo plumbing services to determine the root of the problem.

After evaluating the plumbing issue, our professional plumbers will tell you where the problem started and if you’re responsible for repairing it.

Plumber fixing condo plumbing in Port St. Lucie

The Most Common Condo Plumbing Issues in Port St. Lucie

Condos are usually faced with several plumbing issues. However, depending on where the plumbing issue is located, the responsibility of fixing it may fall on the homeowner association (HOA), board members, or the unit’s owner.

The following are the plumbing issues you may deal with if you live in a condo:

Corroded Potable Water Pipes

Regardless of the material, all potable water pipes deteriorate after some time. They begin to corrode, crack, and leak, especially at the joints. If the corroded potable water pipes are inside the unit, the unit owner is responsible for repairing them. If they are in the kitchen, break room, or in a public restroom, then it is the HOA’s responsibility to fix them.

Sewage Backups

These usually happen when there is a clog in the main sewer line or waste stacks. If the clog is outside the unit, the HOA must fix it. On the other hand, if the clog is in a shared waste stack or drain line, our technicians will inspect to determine who should fix it.

Clogged Drain Lines

These clogs usually occur beneath a water-using appliance or in the main sewer line/waste stack. If the clog is in the main sewer line or waste stack, it is the HOA’s responsibility to fix it. On the other hand, the unit owner must take responsibility if it is located beneath the sink, toilet, or shower.

How to Avoid Issues With Condo Plumbing in Port St. Lucie

Encountering a plumbing issue in a condo can be troublesome for most people. Depending on the plumbing issue, it may be necessary to turn off the water supply in several units for the plumber to fix it. This means you must ask for permission from the property owners and inform the other tenants of the water outage in advance. It helps to do everything possible to avoid these plumbing issues.

Here are some ways that can help you avoid dealing with these inconveniences:

  • Inspect the hot water tanks for rust
  • Prevent the pipes from freezing by running hot water inside them from time to time
  • Clean your showerheads regularly to maintain water pressure
  • Inspect your water-using appliances and fix any leaks you find

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