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Toilet Installation in Port St. Lucie

Many homeowners don’t know that installing a new toilet is quite a complicated and possibly dangerous process, especially if they don’t have the help they need. For instance, you could end up harming yourself or damaging your bathroom’s surface. Since installing a toilet requires working with the plumbing system, you should enlist a professional plumber’s help for toilet installation in Port St. Lucie.

Whether you’re adding a new bathroom, remodeling the existing one, or simply replacing your outdated toilet with a new one, you can always count on Joe Hillman Plumbers for all your toilet installation needs. Our technician can come to your Port St. Lucie home or business and install your toilet safely and properly.

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Why Choose Our Toilet Installation Services in Port St. Lucie?

As a homeowner, you want your toilet to look good. However, there are various types and styles of toilets, and not all fit your setup. If you don’t install a compatible toilet, you may end up in a more complicated and costlier situation than you’re ready for.

A significant percentage of most blocked toilets we deal with daily are improper installations. You get many benefits by hiring our professional plumber to install your new toilet, including:

  • Expert assistance in choosing a toilet that suits your home’s plumbing layout and size
  • A fast and effective installation that will ensure you don’t go for long without such a helpful fixture
  • Expertise and knowledge to guarantee the best results possible
  • Thorough cleanup that leaves your bathroom areas spotless
  • Expert assistance with the removal of your old toilet
  • Transparent and upfront pricing before the work begins

Tips for Choosing the Right Toilet

Choosing a toilet isn’t as simple as visiting the local store and purchasing one. You ought to consider the following factors to ensure you select a toilet that is compatible with your home:

Rough-In Measurements

If you’re planning on keeping the remodeling expenses down, you should go for a toilet that fits the existing rough-in measurements. These measurements are between the bathroom wall and the bolts that fix the toilet to the floor. Rough-in measurements will determine the specific types of toilets to choose from.

One-Piece, Two-Piece, or Wall-Mount

Toilets usually come in three design options: wall-mount, one-piece, and two-piece. Wall-mount toilets are relatively uncommon since they cost more to buy and install. These toilets are easier to clean and an excellent fit for people with disabilities.

One-piece toilets usually integrate the bowl and tank into one unit. They have a stylish look and can save you space in the bathroom. However, they require a much more significant upfront investment.

On the other hand, the two-piece is the most common type of toilet you see today. They consist of the bowl and befitting tank. Two-piece toilets are widely regarded as more economical than wall-mounted and one-piece toilets.

Bowl Shape

For your toilet bowl’s shape, you can either choose an elongated or a round bowl. Round bowls are the preferred choice in situations where space is limited.


Before purchasing a given toilet, you want to determine how much you’re willing to spend. This makes the shopping process a bit simpler.


You want to ensure you buy a toilet that blends well with the bathroom’s color. Since you may not replace your toilet frequently over the years, opt for a toilet that will hold up well with possible remodeling and redecorating projects during that time.


Recent technological advancements in the plumbing industry haven’t overlooked the toilet. Thanks to modern technology, you can now buy a water-efficient toilet, a high-tech toilet with self-cleaning capabilities, or one that lets you choose your preferred flushing power.

Toilet installation in Port St. Lucie

Steps Involved in the Installing a New Toilet

Installing a new toilet in your bathroom involves ensuring that the job is done correctly. Some steps to take include:

Removing the Old Toilet

Removing the existing toilet starts with turning off the water using the main shut-off valve. After that, we flush down everything left of the toilet. If there is any water left in the bowl, we force it out using a plunger.

On the other hand, we can get rid of the water inside the tank using a bucket. Our technicians will remove the trim caps, bolts, and nuts that secure the toilet to the floor. After they’re done, they’ll gently lift the toilet and place it somewhere safe.

Assembling the New Toilet

After removing the existing toilet, we can then start assembling the new one using the manufacturer’s manual. We’ll also remove the wax applied beneath the old toilet and apply it to the new one. Our plumber will likely do this using a putty knife.

Installing the New Toilet

Our technicians will lift the new toilet and place it gently on the wax seal. Before doing so, they’ll ensure the nuts and bolts on the flow perfectly align with the spaces on the toilet’s base. They’ll place the new toilet on the wax, tighten the bolts, and cover them using trim caps.

Testing the Toilet for Leaks and Installing the Seat

If your toilet is installed incorrectly, it will likely develop leaks and a weak flush. Therefore, our technicians must make sure that everything is working correctly after installing the toilet. After they verify this, they will install the toilet seat.

Signs That Your Toilet Needs Replacing

Various signs indicate it is time to replace your existing toilet with a new one, including:

  • Cracked bowl or tank
  • Frequent clogs
  • Outdated and inefficient toilet model.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Toilet

Many people rarely think about their toilets unless there is something seriously wrong. However, upgrading your toilet to a new model comes with various benefits, such as:

  • Improved comfort
  • Better water efficiency, which will help you lower your water bills
  • An improved style for your bathroom
  • A better-designed toilet that is easier to clean
  • Additional features, like a bidet
  • Peace of mind from frequent plumbing issues related to older toilets, like clogs and leaks.

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