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Toilet Installation in Davie

If you need a toilet installation in Davie, you will want peace of mind knowing it was done right. A leaking toilet is a major problem. It interrupts your daily life, and if left unchecked, it can lead to more expensive problems. The repair technicians at Joe Hillman Plumbers have been installing toilets and fixing toilet leaks in Davie and surrounding areas since 1987. We will install your toilet correctly the first time, with no leaks.

Whether your toilet is constantly running, or you have a broken toilet, we can help you find a new one and install it for you. We handle both residential and commercial toilet installation and repairs of every type. You can give us a call today to set up a service appointment.

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Signs You Need a New Toilet

Sometimes it’s apparent that you need a new toilet. Other times, you may not know for sure. You can look for these signs to find out when it’s time to replace your home’s toilet.

Cracked Bowl or Tank

Inspect your toilet for cracks. While toilets are sturdy and durable, a shifting house or the passage of time can cause cracks. If left unchecked, a hairline crack can turn into a big problem. A cracked toilet needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Your Toilet’s Age

If your toilet is 25 years or older, it’s time to get a new one installed. Toilets have long life spans, but nothing lasts forever. And even if your old toilet is still working, you may be able to save money on your water bill each year by installing a more efficient new unit.

Frequent Clogging

Do you have to remove clogs constantly? While every toilet clogs from time to time (especially if anything other than toilet paper and human waste is flushed), an older toilet will clog more often.

Older toilets may also need more than one flush to do the job every time, too. Constant clogging is often a sign your toilet is wearing out. Replacing it before it fails completely will save you time and money in the long run.

Your Toilet Will Not Flush

If your toilet won’t flush, it means you have a serious problem. If you have tried jiggling the handle and plunging it without any result, you likely need a new toilet.

Constant Repairs

Are you frequently fixing your toilet? Or have you hired a plumber to repair your toilet far too often? Toilets have a lot of parts that can go bad over time. Most parts will not fail at the same time. But repairs, either DIY or done by a professional, more than once a month means your toilet is nearing the end of its life.

Getting a new toilet installation will save you hours of your time each month if you’re the one fixing your toilet. And investing in a new toilet will save you money from constant repairs, especially if you have to call a professional plumber often.

Your Toilet Leaks

A leaking toilet can go unnoticed for weeks or even months. This situation is often expensive and can wreak havoc on other areas of your home. If you notice that your toilet is leaking, get professional plumbing help right away.

Toilet installation in Davie Florida

Costs of a Constant Toilet Leak

Some toilets are beyond saving. You may want to invest in a new toilet installation in Davie, FL if your toilet has a severe leak or constant problems, like frequent clogging. Leaking toilets are far too common in peoples’ homes. You may think a toilet with a minor leak is no big deal compared to the expense of having it replaced.

However, a leaking toilet costs you much more in the long run, and the longer the leak goes unnoticed, the more the damage can spread, turning a simple fix into a costly nightmare.

Options for Your New Toilet Installation

There are several choices for your new toilet. The size of your bathroom, budget, and home décor may influence your choice. The following are common kinds of toilets to consider.

The Two-Piece Toilet

As the name implies, this unit comes in two pieces. The bowl and the tank are each separate pieces, with nuts, bolts, and gaskets fusing the two together. These are usually the most budget-friendly options.

One disadvantage is the equipment connecting the two pieces can be hard to reach to keep clean. And those extra connection points can fail over time, leading to repairs.

The One-Piece Toilet

One-piece toilets are modern, sleek, and very attractive. And with the bowl and tank crafted as one unit, there is less to worry about for future repairs. The tradeoff is they are more expensive.

The High-Tank Toilet

These units have the tank mounted higher than normal units. They are designed to make the tank and pipes aesthetically pleasing. These options allow the necessity of a toilet to compliment the décor of the bathroom. They are the most expensive of these three common options.

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If you need a new toilet installation in Davie or the surrounding area, Joe Hillman Plumbers can help you. We can inspect your bathroom and guide you as you view options that fit your bathroom’s dimensions, décor, and budget. We have been installing new toilets in Davie and surrounding areas since 1987. We stand by our work, and if you’re satisfied with our service, we’ll give you back all your money under our 100% service and repair guarantee.

We are dedicated to getting the job done right and making the process as painless for you as possible. After 30-plus years in the plumbing business, we are confident we can solve your problem as we have for other customers. If you are ready to get started, contact us today at (954) 601-3286.