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Running a restaurant can be a fun, exhilarating career—but with a restaurant comes a great deal of responsibility for your building. Operating a restaurant places a great deal of strain on a building’s plumbing systems. We can help you maintain your restaurant plumbing in Davie.

Joe Hillman Plumbers has over 30 years of commercial plumbing experience. We have helped restaurants like yours maintain trouble-free plumbing since 1987. If you need regular maintenance, repairs, or plumbing system replacement, we can get the job done professionally. We offer a 100% guarantee on our work and have thousands of satisfied customers thrilled with the job we do.

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Common Restaurant Plumbing Problems

Restaurant plumbing gets a lot of intense use. When pipes, sinks, faucets, or other plumbing equipment breaks down or needs replacing, these plumbing problems can place a major financial strain on a restaurant. Whether you are just starting in the restaurant business or are a long-time business owner, you will want to be familiar with many of the common issues in restaurant plumbing systems.

Restaurant Drain Clogs

When you are working with food, maintaining proper drains is vitally important. This often happens when employees and customers put things down the drain that the system is not equipped to handle.

One of the biggest culprits of restaurant plumbing problems is grease. When grease is dumped down a drain, it can cause severe clogging.

The grease may be hot as it gets poured down the drain, but as grease cools, it congeals and can quickly obstruct a drain. Once blocked, the drain cannot allow water to pass, creating a logistical nightmare in your restaurant. Over time, this grease can collect in your system. Not only is it messy, but it can create major headaches for you.

Toilets in Restrooms

Customers can also wreak havoc with restaurant plumbing systems. They often flush paper towels or other material the drains are not able to handle. The result? Your system clogs, your bathrooms flood, and you have a major problem on your hands. You can trust our plumbers for all your toilet installation and repair needs.

Clearing Clogged Restaurant Drains

When we clean restaurant drains, we can use several techniques based on the condition of the clog.

Drain Augers

A drain auger or drain snake is a length of cable with an auger at the end. We have snakes of different lengths to accommodate the different lengths of pipes we encounter. We fish the snake down the drain to clear the obstruction. It is a simple technique and is often the first step we take.

Video Inspection

If the drain snake does not clear the clog, we may do a video inspection. Using a fiber optic cable, we insert a small camera into the clogged pipe. We equip the fiber optic cable with bright lights, allowing us to get a clear view of your pipe’s interior.

In real-time, the camera sends us images. We then examine these images and plan the best course of action to solve your problem.

Grease Trap Requirements for Davie, FL Restaurants

Florida municipalities generally have strict guidelines on what restaurant owners must do to properly handle grease. Davie Code of Ordinances Chapter 25 Section Sec. 25-83 says that grease or oil interceptors should be used when excessive oil or grease is present in wastewater.

The easiest way to keep these regulations from becoming a problem is with regular maintenance. We can create a maintenance schedule to keep your restaurant compliant and running smoothly.

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Detecting Leaks in Restaurant Plumbing

Is your restaurant’s plumbing leaking? Many times, restaurant owners do not notice a small leak until it has grown into a big problem. Not all leaks show themselves with puddles or other signs of water. Many signs are more subtle and easy to miss, especially if the leak starts very small.

Your pipes may be leaking in your walls, floors, or in your foundation, where it is difficult to see. To avoid letting a leak progress to the point of being catastrophic, know the warning signs to spot a leak in your building’s plumbing:

  • Did you have a sudden increase in your water bill?
  • Do you hear running water sounds even when no one is using water?
  • Do you see mold or mildew on your walls, ceilings, or floors?
  • Have you noticed foundation cracks?
  • If you lean an object against a wall, does it leave an impression?
  • Do you see stains or spots on your ceiling or floors?

If you see any of these signs, contact the leak detection and repair experts at Joe Hillman Plumbers to schedule an inspection. We can help you assess your situation and help you plan your next steps.

Restaurant Plumbing Repiping in Davie, FL

Restaurant plumbing systems are prime candidates for failure because of their heavy use. While plumbing repairs are part of owning a business, in some cases, repairs may not be enough.

Some plumbing systems become so corroded or are so old that you may find yourself constantly repairing them. In these cases, you may need to replace the entire system.

The advantage of an entire repiping is the peace of mind it brings. With a completely new system, you can look forward to years of minimal repairs. While a repiping project might seem like a major headache, with the right team, the job will get done quickly with a minimum interruption of your restaurant’s operation.

When Do Restaurants Need Repiping?

If your building was built in 1970 or before, you should consider repiping the plumbing system. Because of its age and materials, you could be looking at severe failures soon.

Planning your building’s repiping before you have problems will be less stressful. You can schedule the work to be done at a time convenient for you. By waiting until the problem worsens, you then have to scramble and try to react to the problem rather than plan for it.

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The expert staff at Joe Hillman Plumbers can handle your restaurant’s plumbing repairs, maintenance, and any plumbing-related equipment replacement. We have a proven track record to guarantee any work we do will be done correctly the first time, with minimal disruption to your restaurant’s busy schedule.

We offer a 100% guarantee on our work and have thousands of satisfied customers thrilled with the job we do.

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