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Commercial Plumber: Common Reasons Restaurants Call One

If you own a restaurant in Florida, then you’re probably very familiar with calling an emergency commercial plumber. Our commercial plumbers in Florida get called out to restaurants every day of the week. Sometimes we get called about clogged toilets. Other times, it’s about a clogged drain. With so much heavy use, even for smaller restaurants, it’s surprising that we aren’t called more often.

If you’ve found yourself putting our Miami commercial plumbers on speed dial, then it’s probably time to have your pipes and drains inspected. We usually suggest that our clients prepare a maintenance schedule so they can ensure that everything is in good working order. This will help you avoid unpleasant conversations with your diners, employees, and vendors.

The last thing you want to do is turn customers away because you’ve got a flooded bathroom. You also don’t want to end up with a health code violation because of a clogged grease or oil trap. Our commercial plumbers in Florida can help you avoid all of this.

Many Restaurants Have Trouble Disposing of Grease and Oil

For obvious reasons, most restaurants have a hard time disposing of grease and oil. The State of Florida has very strict laws when it comes to disposing of grease and oil, especially where wastewater is concerned. It’s important that you have grease and oil interceptors in your drains to avoid violations, fines, and headaches.

For some reason, a lot of restaurant owners and kitchen staff think it’s okay to pour hot oil down the sink. They figure it’s hot enough to cut through anything that might get in its way. What they don’t realize is that as soon as this grease or oil cools, it’s going to congeal and cause a major clog. When this happens, water can’t pass through, and you end up with a clogged sink. That’s one of the worst things that can happen on a busy Friday or Saturday night. You may have to close your kitchen because of something like this. It’s a lot cheaper and easier to just have a Miami commercial plumber come out and inspect things every few months.

Our Miami Commercial Plumbers Find that Older Restaurants Often Need Repiping

Another thing that our commercial plumbers in Florida have found is that older restaurants or in need of repiping. Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars for an entirely new pipe system. However, if your restaurant has been around since before 1970, it’s a good idea to invest in a completely new sewage system.

Over the years, your restaurant’s sinks and pipes have been put to heavy use. You’ve probably spent thousands of dollars repairing your pipes repeatedly. If you add up all the money you’ve spent on repairs, you probably could have paid for an entirely new system twice over. The money this will save you in plumbing bills, repairs, and lost time is well worth it.

Customer Toilets are Often Clogged and Overflow

One of the major problems with restaurants is that customer toilets often get clogged or overflow. Some of the things that our Miami commercial plumbers have found in restaurant toilets would blow your mind. We can’t imagine why somebody would have these items on their person to throw down a toilet in the first place.

However, whether it was an upset customer or an angry employee, when certain items are put down the toilet, they cause irreparable damage. Our commercial plumbers in Florida get calls from restaurants all the time in need of an emergency plumber. By the time they call us, they usually have 6 inches of water in their bathroom and a line of angry customers.

Due to Heavy Use, Restaurants Suffer from Leaking Pipes

Just like you would have in a house, your restaurant may be suffering from leaking pipes. The odds are even greater because your pipes are put to so much heavier use. Overtime, small leaks become big leaks, and these big leaks become big problems.

Some of the signs that you may have a leak in your restaurant include the following:

  • you smell mold or mildew in your kitchen area
  • you hear running water at odd times
  • you notice your water bill has gone up and maybe even doubled
  • you’ve noticed cracks in your foundation
  • you see brown spots and stains on your ceilings and walls

Once you notice these things, you don’t want to waste anytime calling one of our commercial plumbers in Florida. The sooner you have someone come out and repair these issues, the sooner you’ll be back in business.

Clogged Drains are Common Problems for Restaurants in Florida

As mentioned earlier, clogged drains can be a big problem for restaurants in Florida. They’re not always caused by grease and oil spills. Clogged drains can happen in any of your sinks, at any time. When you think about the use that your drains get on a daily basis, it’s surprising they don’t clog more often. If you have a sink that continues to clog, you should call one of our Miami commercial plumbers to come out and take a look.

It could involve an easy fix, or it may require an entirely new drain. Either way, when you’re in the restaurant business, you cannot afford any downtime. The commercial plumbers at Hillman plumbing understand this all too well.

A Commercial Plumber in Florida Can Help

If you have been dealing with trouble with your sinks and drains, it’s probably high time you call a commercial plumber in Florida. We can either come out and do a free estimate, or we can do a video inspection with you on the premises. We understand that you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to plumbing issues. You have a business to run and it’s our job to deal with your plumbing issues as quickly as possible. We do our best to get out to your site the same day and resolve any problems you’re experiencing.